Media Commission Report: Being on payroll of foreign governments is a far bigger crime

23 Apr

Federal Ministry of Information, under pressure from the Supreme Court, has provided a list of some journalists who were paid out of Secret Fund of the Ministry. A careful perusal of the list shows that it was a mere joke. Major items of expenditure, so far as they relate to individual journalists, are financial assistance to widows of deceased journalists, expenditure on boarding, lodging and air tickets during their trips with PM or special assignment. The big chunk of money went to a advertising agency for making BB song. This song is being aired for influencing voters to vote for PPP. It was sadly funded out of Secret Fund which is taxpayers’ hard-earned money. The other big money was paid to a private channel, only God knows for what purpose.

It is a common practice that all countries buy journalists and ghost writers to either write in their favor or against their opponents. While the court has somehow made the ministry spill beans about its “bribe” to journalists to write about Pakistan, who will unearth the amounts in foreign exchange being doled out to some journalists and anchors in Pakistan to spit venom against Pakistan’s security establishment at every available opportunity. Being on the payroll of Pakistan may be a crime as it is being made out, but being being on the payroll of foreign agencies is far bigger crime and unforgivable. But recipients of cash and kind form CIA, MI6 and RAW are happy that the courts in those countries would never allow to make their names public except after some time when classified documents would be declassified.



2 Responses to “Media Commission Report: Being on payroll of foreign governments is a far bigger crime”

  1. Tyler Smith April 23, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    Oh wow. That is pretty horrible. I imagine it is like that in every country though, not just Pakistan.

    Black and White Copies

  2. Ahsan Raza July 7, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    this is shocking situation.

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