Let’s not forget those who died for an ungrateful nation

30 Apr

martyrsThe terrorists of TTP and BLA, aided and funded by international establishment are fighting the state to achieve strategic objectives of international players to destabilize Pakistan. The foot soldiers of these outfits are fighting under the illusion that in the case of victory, they will be in power. But those who are fighting these terrorists for the State of Pakistan are laying down their precious lives neither for power nor for money. They are offering the supreme sacrifices to defend the motherland. It was in in Swat, Waziristan, Balochistan and others areas yesterday; today it is Tirah valley which is the latest safe haven of anti-Pakistan terrorists. Martyrs include the officers and men of regular army, para-military forces and brave sons of the valley. Those who have stashed billions to invest in the elections seem to be oblivious of what is going on in the backyard of Peshawar. The current fight with the Taliban going on in Tirah is one of the fiercest battles.

It was the right time to highlight and eulogize the sacrifices of young soldiers who are dying in big numbers to keep the evil away from Peshawar so that our political jokers can continue their election campaign in peace. These jokers, totally unconcerned about the loss of lives in last five years suddenly realized to appease TTP through negotiations. They only wanted their election rallies to be peaceful. They extended olive branch to the terrorists who refused to disarm as a pre-requisite to peace talks. Their virtual surrender to the enemies of the State has paid off so far because the terrorists have declared spare their election rallies, the roadshows for the next round of loot and plunder.

Why is it that precious lives of young men are being lost to keep the likes of Bilawal, Moonis, Hamza and others safe to continue another bout of loot and plunder after a peaceful election? Do these scions of political families not owe any obligation to this nation? Why can’t one or all of them visit the field of battle, of course in secure motorcades, to raise the morale of those who have put their lives in danger? Those whom a former premier had described in contempt as “naukri pesha” (wage earners). All of them are dying to somehow make friends with the enemies of this nation.

And they have changed the definition of martyrdom; for them the martyrs are those who are killed during struggle for power. They want us to forget the real martyrs.

Lest we forget, it is the Martyrs’ Day to pay homage to those who fought and died for nothing. Their sacrifices will go waste if this nation does not unite against the enemies. As for politicians, they will leave no stone unturned to appease these enemies. They have their own political interests, far away from the national interests.


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