Sarabjit Singh exposed the ugly face of Indian establishment

7 May

Kali_mata_by_eniqma2000 (1)Attack on Sarabjit Singh by fellow inmates inside Pakistani prison was the most condemnable act. He was a prisoner execution on established charges of terrorism and espionage. He was responsible for killing 14 innocent Pakistanis in bomb blasts in 1990. Pakistani government was in no mood to execute him but could not be pardoned either because the law does not allow pardoning of such terrorists. But he was entitled to security within jail premises which the authorities failed to provide. Other hardened criminals attacked him, injured him and he could not survive because of the nature of his injuries. His death disturbed many in India, for obvious reasons and in Pakistan.

The treatment given him on his cremation was envy of many; his corpse was given hero’s welcome with state funeral and official mourning. This clearly indicated that his mission to Pakistan was very valuable to the government of India and also the Indian establishment.

It has now been revealed by Indian media that Sarabjit Singh had come to Pakistan for an operation managed by a senior Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official, who later became the external intelligence agency’s chief as well. Quoting intelligence sources, it was reported that Sarabjit was an Indian spy in Pakistan. He managed to accomplish the task given to him but was caught while trying to flee. A former intelligence official, who dealt with Sarabjit’s case, said the operation executed by Sarabjit didn’t serve any tactical purpose but still the agency had executed many such missions in Pakistan in the early and mid-90s.

The intelligence sources admitted that some of the operations executed by the RAW during the period were totally mindless. Spies like Sarabjit and their family have paid huge cost for it. Sometimes, the agency officials executed operations out of personal bravado that they can get ‘something’ done in Pakistan. Sources also point out that the agency is yet to evolve a policy for paying spies like Sarabjit or their families when they caught in the enemy land. However, Sarabjit’s politically shrewd sister ensured that he was properly compensated.

Pakistani government had earlier released two RAW operatives, Kashmir Singh and Surjeet Singh under the pressure from pro-India lobby comprising a segment of media and civil society. They had entered Pakistan for espionage and enlistment of local agents for RAW. Those released admitted that Sarabjit’s case was different as he was involved in terrorist activities.

The case of Sarabjit has made one thing very clear; Indian government and RAW are state-sponsors of terrorism inside Pakistan for the last many decades. The current spate of terrorism in Pakistan is also sponsored by RAW through Afghan intelligence agency. The Baloch terrorists receive money directly from RAW whereas the TTP receives Indian assistance through Afghanistan.




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