Way to go; India decides to eliminate top Maoist commanders

3 Jun

india-maoist-2010-6-17-3-28-38India is in the grip of multiple insurgencies, the notable among them is Maoist rebellion in some Indian districts called the Red Corridor. Country’s para-military force, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is fighting against the insurgents with 65,000 personnel. In this fight, the government and its political leadership are standing behind the security forces like a hard rock. The latest attack by the insurgents was launched on a Congress convoy in Chhattisgarh that left 28 people dead. This has totally devastated the government which has now given the go-ahead to a massive counteroffensive against the Maoists with focus on eliminating top rebel leaders. According to reports by India Today, CRPF has prepared a hit list of 25 senior Maoist commanders responsible for masterminding deadly attacks, and got the approval of the Union Home Ministry to go after them.

The Indian government on Tuesday ruled out peace talks with Maoist rebels as previously talks offer did not make any headway. Instead of talking, the Maoists demanded that the government first withdraw thousands of paramilitary soldiers deployed to fight the rebels in several states.

India is also deploying Israeli drones in tracking the Maoists in the Andhra-Odisha and Andhra-Chhattisgarh borders, though these UAVs are proving ineffective due to the terrain in which the rebels are operating.

The rebels, known as Naxalites, have been fighting the central government for more than four decades, demanding land and jobs for tenant farmers and the poor. Since 2005, more than 6,000 people — including civilians, security troops and the rebels themselves — have died in Maoist violence across the country, according to data compiled by the Institute for Conflict Management.

Can Pakistani politicians learn a lesson from the stance taken by the Indians? Their insurgency is not as lethal and destructive as the phenomenon of terrorism in Pakistan. The Indian rebels do not slit throats of security forces and bomb civilians. They only demonstrate their disapproval of the economic policies of the government. They are pro-poor and have a large number of sympathizers in the area of their operation. Yet the Indian politicians do not consider them as their “brothers” like the Pakistani politicians.

When the security forces have clearly informed the politicians that terrorists are a graver threat to the solidarity of Pakistan, it is not understood why the politicians should try to appease and protect the terrorists. Why is it that the menace of terrorism is not given priority which killed 50,000 innocent lives and why there is an increased focus on drones which killed 3,000 including the deadly terrorists?

India may Pakistan’s enemy, but Pakistan can learn from India how to deal with the enemies of the state. Pakistan can even learn from Sri Lanka’s Rajapakse Model of dealing with home-grown terrorism.

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