With sympathetic judiciary and sold-out media anchors, terrorists have a field day in Balochistan

15 Jun

ziaratPakistan’s restive province of Balochistan is on fire again with increased intensity in the activities of militants of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). Two terrorist incidents on Saturday have posed serious questions about political stability of the province after a populist government headed by a commoner has been installed only last week. The first incident was destruction through rocket attacks of Ziarat Residency, a building in scenic pine forests about 75 miles from provincial capital, Quetta. This building is of historical monument and Pakistanis have special emotional attachment to this building because the Founding Father, Jinnah spent his last days here.

In another incident, at least eleven female students were killed and several others injured when a blast hit a bus near Quetta’s Women University on Baruri road. According to police, explosives were planted inside the bus parked on the premises of the university. Another 22 people had been injured in the blast with some of them in critical condition. This attack comes hours after militants attacked Quaid-e-Azam residency in Ziarat area of Balochistan. According to reports, a larger portion of the building was destroyed in the attack.

Attackers of the Quaid-e-Azam Residency in Zairat are reported to have removed the Pakistan flag and replaced it with the flag of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). According to Interior ministry report presented in the National Assembly on Saturday, there was firing and five explosions at the Qauid-e-Azam Residency at approximately 1:15 AM. Following the attack, the historic building was completely burnt and the fire was extinguished after a four hour struggle. District Police Officer (DPO) said that six bombs were also recovered from the site of the incident. He said that each bomb weighed 2 to 3 kilograms.

The BLA is alleged to have been sponsored by Pakistan’s archrival, India and its leaders have been provided asylum in Switzerland and UK. It has some local sympathizers too as Pakistan Supreme Court chief judge Chaudhary, himself hailing from Balochistan has repeatedly provided relief to them and rebuked the security forces for chasing them. Judge Chaudhary was a personal favorite and lawyer of slain tribal leader Bugti whose grandsons are leading BLA. One of them was caught red-handed smuggling a huge cache of arms and ammunition but was released on the orders of the judge. Another sympathizer of the separatists is a host of a popular talk show of a leading news channel. His late father was recently honored by Bangladesh’s pro-India regime for supporting the cause of India-funded insurgency in East pakistan in 1971. This is the reason that security agencies want Balochistan to be a No-Go area for the apex court.

After the May 11 elections, it was hoped that Balochistan might stabilize but the decision of Nawaz Sharif to appoint a popular leader as chief minister may have irked the BLA separatists because he is not a tribal chief while Balochistan government has so far been under the tribal chiefs who have received hundreds of billions of development funds and syphoned them off to their personal coffers depriving the common man of the benefits of development.




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