Sukkur Attack should be the last eye-opener for security agencies

24 Jul

SukkurBlast-police-isi_7-24-2013_110825_lPakistan’s establishment and its security agencies are under three-pronged attack from Pakistan’s enemies; from India, Afghanistan and their allies in fourth generation warfare (4GW), from international establishment through international media in connivance with some elements of the local media and from Pakistan’s emerging power center, the apex judiciary. The attack from the third front only reinforces the attacks from other two sides but is only either under pressure from the media or to reassert its authority and occupy the space ceded by the establishment in the last five years. The media has helped built up the image of this new power center and any pressure from this side is too hard to resist.

It is now no secret that after Pakistan becoming a nuclear power, there is no chance for an all-out war as demonstrated in the past; the Kargil conflict, the Indian parliament attack and Mumbai attacks. The last two events have received a renewed limelight and there are questions as to who was the real perpetrator of these attacks. In view of the possibility of a nuclear conflict, India has already drawn the battle lines to keep Pakistan under pressure of terrorists’ attacks on its innocent civilians and military facilities to break the resolve of security agencies to fight. The media, now fully exposed to be recipient of generous funding from India, is unleashed simultaneously to attack the security agencies to establish that Pakistan’s security apparatus is not capable of defending the country.

Terrorist attacks on Pakistan’s soil are planned and war-gamed in Afghanistan where pro-India regime notwithstanding, India has not been able to secure a foothold in post-2014 era. The Kunar province of Afghanistan is the actual epicenter of terrorism against Pakistan. Pakistani authorities are in possession of incontrovertible evidence that India arms and funds anti-Pakistan TTP operating from Afghanistan with a nod from CIA. The separatist movement in Balochistan has clear stamp of Indian involvement. The major resistance to crush anti-Pakistan elements comes from a particular media house and opportunist politicians.

The latest attack on ISI center in Sukkur clearly suggests that the terrorists of India-funded Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan have deeply penetrated into the heretofore peaceful province of Sindh in Pakistan. The Rural Sindh, home to countless saints and peace-loving populace, was peaceful so far in the wake of terror attacks in the rest of country but the Wednesday evening bomb attack on ISI office and other administration buildings in a heavily guarded compound in Sukkur indicates that the terrorists can strike any target anywhere with impunity.

According to reports, a least five terrorists attacked the ISI office, adjacent to the Rangers office, Commissioner’s House and office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, soon after Iftar. One ISI official and an employee of the Commissioner House were killed in the attack. Sources said that a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into the gate of ISI office while two others detonated explosives rigged with their bodies inside the office. A suspected bomber has reportedly been arrested following the explosions, which damaged several vehicles and buildings and left a deep crater near the ISI office. According to a Rangers spokesman, two militants blew themselves up while three were shot dead by forces. He added that several security personnel sustained injuries during the operation against attackers. According to police sources, the city headquarters of the ISI was the main target of the terrorists.

This latest attack should be the last eye-opener for the security agencies. The time to look towards nincompoop political leadership for direction is now over. It is the time that army and other security agencies reject political meddling and media influence and take action indiscriminately against terrorists of all hues including those under the shelter of political and religious parties. TTP, BLA and LeJ terrorists are Pakistan’s enemies and should be dealt with accordingly.


One Response to “Sukkur Attack should be the last eye-opener for security agencies”

  1. Major Talaat Khurshid (Retd) July 25, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    While agreeing in totality, in my opinion, the attack on GHQ should have been the ”last one” to be tolerated. What lead to countless attacks on ISI, IB, FIA offices, Mehran Base and Kamra, not to talk of more than 4000 very fine, rigourously trained officers and men and more than 50,000 civilians, should have been prevented at all costs. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW!

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